"Taste the difference hand-raised makes."

Leicester, NC

All Natural Pasture Raised Beef.
Locally Owned and Operated.

We are a family-owned and operated beef cattle farm nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Leicester, NC., proudly serving Asheville and surrounding Western North Carolina.

Our healthy, happy beef cattle graze in lush pastures and eat feed produced from our fields. We are a multi-generational farm dedicated to raising flavorful, tender, naturally produced beef with no growth hormones and no antibiotics ever!

Come get a taste of our farm!

Why Buy Shady Place Farm Beef?

You Know Where Your Meat Comes From

We are a local farm located in Leicester, NC that has been raising cattle for over three generations.

Our beef has been raised in a stress-free environment

Our cattle are born and raised on over 200 acres of pastures and woodlands and drink clean mountain granite water.

Our cattle are humanely raised and never given hormones or antibiotics

The finishing grains they eat are raised here on the farm. Supplemental feed is in the form of distiller’s grains from local breweries.

We Offer Variety

We offer freezer beef in whole and half choices as well as specialty quantities of cuts.

Safe and Healthy

Our meat is USDA inspected and vacuum packed for optimum freshness.

Looking for good quality alfalfa square bales of hay?

We take pride in our hay production. Contact Neal Morgan directly at 828-768-4547 for current availability and pricing.