"Taste the difference hand-raised makes."

Leicester, NC

Our Story

Shady Place Farm has deep roots and they keep getting deeper! We know the Lord God has blessed us with the opportunity to live and work on our centennial farm. Neal worked the farm beside his grandfather and his father when the farm was a full-scale dairy farm. Over time the dairy cattle were replaced with primarily Black Angus beef cattle. All the while attention was given to excellent husbandry practices with the herd and good stewardship practices with the land.

The daily operations are performed by Neal and Ava. And the fourth generation of Morgan’s, sons Eli and Nathanael , actively share the love and work of farming. Daughter-in-laws Kinsey and Kaytlin can be found helping out with various aspects of the farm as well as our youngest and 5th generation of Morgan’s, Levi, Samuel, and Lorelai!

To belong to the Shady Place Farm herd is to be born into healthy stock, graze on over 200 acres of lush pastures, and be treated like pets! The cattle are born here, raised here, and finished here on the farm on grass, hay, and corn that were also grown and harvested here on the farm. They are given a “treat” in being supplemented with local brewer’s grains.

We do not use growth hormones nor antibiotics in our meat. They are naturally raised and humanely treated.

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