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Jack of All Trades

We are giving thanks to the Lord for a great second hay harvest! Neal, with the help of sons Eli and Nathanael, were able to realize a bountiful and dry harvest of alfalfa hay. And now, you may wonder, what is the next big project while waiting on the next hay harvest?

Currently we are starting construction on a new shed. If there’s anything I have learned being a farmer’s wife it is, as Neal has said time and time again, “You can never have enough shed space!” And my farmer-husband, Neal, ever the resourceful one, is using as much timber from our land as possible for the shed construction. He’s re-purposing old, surplus power poles and recycling dead trees from our property (the trees were the victim of blight and insect borers). Neal will use the wood from the dead trees he is logging for framing and for the sides of the shed. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but being a farmer means you have to be a “Jack of all trades”.

This week’s trades are: a logger, a sawmill operator, a construction worker, and an engineer all thrown in together to get this shed erected. It will take a few weeks to build the shed and will necessitate some extra manpower as well. And throughout the process, the cattle will need to be taken care of, equipment maintained, crops tended, etc. I’m praying for safety for all involved.

“You can never have enough shed space!”

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